Widex Hearing Aids

Intelligent Hearing With the Widex SmartRIC

When style, comfort and technology combine in Widex’s newest hearing aid

Superior Design: A unique L-shaped design allows the SmartRIC to sit higher on the ear than previous models—this enhances sound pickup to improve conversational listening. Microphone covers help prevent wind and other outside noises from entering the conversation.

Just one 4-hour charge provides 37 hours of use.

A Week of Power in Your Pocket: The SmartRIC’s cordless portable charger delivers five complete charges, that’s 185 hours, over an actual week in real-time. Better still, the cordless charger is small enough to fit comfortably in a jacket or pants pocket.

Compatible with:

  • The MOMENT app with SoundSense Learn
  • Widex Sound Assist™
  • Widex SoundConnect
  • TV Play
  • RC-DEX

Live Without Delay

The Widex Moment™ Sheer sRIC R D gives the best, most beneficial hearing experience to those who experience minimal to profound hearing loss.

Puresound powered by ZeroDelay™ technology eliminates delay-based distortion that makes many other hearing aids sound artificial.

With Sheer sRIC R D, you get a new look through distinct new mic openings on your device, reliable rechargeable functionality and complete connectivity with Bluetooth®, iOS® and Android™ devices.

Treasure Every Moment

Widex MOMENT™ is modern and feature-rich. It has the lowest power consumption of any similar device and is only equaled by the Widex SmartRIC. This helps it deliver high-quality sound for a full day without fear of running out of power.

  • Rechargeable with BTE technology
  • 37 hours of runtime
  • Direct Android™ and iOS® streaming

Solid Foundation

Widex MySound™ 2.0 is the most powerful and easy-to-use AI-assisted personalization on the market. Paired with Widex Moment Sheer, MySound 2.0 allows you to securely share hearing device data with your audiologist, which helps them better understand what you want to hear and how different listening environments affect your hearing.

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